• Prep Station BY-10
  • Prep Station BY-10This paint preparation station is used to collect dust and iron splash during grinding and make working ...
  • Prep Station BY-20
  • Prep Station BY-20The car painting prep station draws fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop through a pressurization ...
  • Prep Station BY-30
  • Prep Station BY-30Spray booth prep station BY-30 can meet the modern construction needs of repairing shop. It can offer a dust free ...
  • Single Station Prep Station
  • Single Station Prep StationThis China car paint prep station adopts 50mm EPS wallboard on the back side and PVC curtains on the other three ...
  • Duplex Station Prep Station
  • Duplex Station Prep StationThis double spray booth preparation station focus on dealing with sanding dust and other debris generated from ...
  • Multi-Station Prep Station
  • Multi-Station Prep StationThis multi-station prep station focus on dealing with sanding dust and other debris generated from production. It ...

Prep Station

Description of Mobile Prep Station

As a kind of modern painting equipment, paint prep station can meet the needs of modern maintenance workshop, improve its working environment and remove dust, waste gas and painting fogs produced during working. It is a kind of modern painting equipment being used to improve working efficiency.

Features of Mobile Prep Station

1. Paint prep station can satisfy different demands for different cars.
2. It can remove dust and waste air from maintenance workshop to ensure its fresh working environment.
3. It can improve maintenance quality and ensure employees’ health.

Advantages of Mobile Prep Station

1. The paint prep station is environmental protection, easy operation, reliable performance, energy saving and easy maintenance
2. Polished room can meet different requirements of garages and body spray repair centers.
3. Our mobile prep station is stable, safe, reliable, economical, practical and integral. It can meet your various needs.
4. With the adoption of high quality materials, rigid quality management, high precise processing, advanced design and practical artificial treatment, our paint prep station have perfect effect.

Application of Mobile Prep Station

1. You can choose single station, double or multi -station grinding room.
2. Ramp for moving cars is optional.
3. You can choose full fence plate for moving paint prep station and it has the same width as prep station.
4. The mobile prep station without platform exhausts air and collect dust with the side down filter. After filtration, they were discharged.
5. Car lift is optional.