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Car Lift

Description of China Car Lift

The column car lifts are a kind of auto repair equipment used by the car maintenance industry. It can lift the cars to certain height and help the car maintenance workers maintain cars. It has different sizes and maintains all kinds of vehicles.

Precautions of China Car Lift Manufacturer

1.Tools and odds and ends around the column car lifts should be removed before using it. The handle should be checked to see if it can function well.
2. Ensure the operating structure is sensitive and effective. No crawling is allowed in the hydraulic system.
3. Vehicles should not be lifted too high. The supporting stands of China car lift should be locked tightly after the vehicles are held up.
4. The four supporting angles of column car lifts should be at the same horizontal plate. Adjust the height of the rubber beneath the supporting angles to make them touch the supporting parts of the chassis.
5. After the vehicles to be lifted are driven in, the car lift's supporting block should be aimed exactly at the lifting point.
6. No person should remain in the vehicle when it is being lifted. When the vehicle is lifted to the demanded height, insert the pin to the safety lock of China car lift to ensure the safety of workers under the vehicle.
7. No work is permitted to be completed on the column car lifts except for small repair or low premium items.
8. Do not frequently lift and lower the vehicle.
9. Lifting should be stable and the lowering should be slow.
10. No lifting or lowering is allowed when the workers are conducting the repair.
11. Report immediately if the machine malfunctions, the generator is not simultaneous, the bracket is not level or the hydraulic part leaks oil. The column car lifts are forbidden to continue the operation with malfunctions of the machine.
12. Make a timely cleaning after the lifting work and keep the car lift area of China car lift tidy.
13. Get rid of the accumulated water inside the oil cylinder on a regular basis (every half a year).
14. Check the oil amount. If it is not sufficient, add pressure oil of the same type.