Our industrial cooling fan is mainly used for cooling and ventilation in equipments like air conditioners, industrial ventilation and exhaust equipment.
To have anti-high temperature and anti-moisture performance, our TAE series and YDW series fans adopt axial fan design and anti-high temperature bearings. Besides that, the motor of China industrial ventilation fan adopts anti-high temperature and water proof motor, so it is suitable for hot and humid environment like the barn , wood drying , fried tea , fried tobacco, dried herbs , food drying and other fields.

Advantages of China Industrial Ventilation Fan

1. The industrial cooling fan has low noise and large air volume.
2. The air flow is about 0.24m/s in the workplace which can guarantee the formability of the painting as well as its use.
3. It can meet the demands of air purification to ensure workers’ health.
4. Positive pressure in the cabin can prevent dust getting into the workplace.

Features of China Industrial Ventilation Fan

1. Frequency and speed regulation, frequency converter, soft starter for motor
2. Impeller of industrial cooling fan is adjusted by the static and dynamic balancing test
3. Backward cooled bearing house
4. Oil leak preventing design for bearing house
5. Long service life
6. Large air volume, low noise, high efficiency and abrasion resistant.
7. Easy installation and operation.
8. Superior service in customized design and production.

Parameters of Industrial Cooling Fan

YDW Series
Type Power Capacity Remark
YDW4.5M1 3KW 10500m³/h Double-intake centrifugal fan
YDW4.5L1 4KW 12500m³/h
YDW4.5S 5.5KW 15500m³/h
YDW405M 7.5KW 21000m³/h
TAE Series
Type Power Capacity Remark
TAE-355 3KW 10500m³/h Belt drive
TAE-400 4KW 12500m³/h
TAE-500H 5.5KW 21000m³/h
TAE-560H 7.5KW 24000m³/h
TAE-560H 11KW 28000m³/h
TAE-710H 11KW 36000m³/h
TAE-800H 15KW 45000m³/h
Turbo Fan
Type Power Air capacity Remark
Turbo Fan 5.5kw 18000m³/h None
Turbo Fan 7.5kw 25000m³/h
Turbo Fan 11kw 30000m³/h
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