Main Products
  • Standard Spray Booth
  • Standard Spray BoothSpray booth means the booth that is used to paint articles and dry the paints. You can install shiny things or add colors to the furniture and sheet metal with it. Our main products include spray booth with water-borne paint system, bus spray booth, dry spray booth, water curtain spray booth, China..
  • Export Spray Booth
  • Export Spray BoothThe air flow of car painting spray booth is from the top to the bottom. This machine is convenient and has better working environment. The balanced indoor temperature makes perfect painting effect. The car mobile spray booth intakes air from back upper and exhaust air from back upper. It is..
  • Downdraft Spray Booth
  • Downdraft Spray BoothDowndraft spray booth represents the most advanced technology. Air blows into the spray booth from roof. After purification, the air goes down through ceiling filter and exhaust from basement after twice filtration by the exhaust air filter. From this circulation, workers can have a clean and safe..
  • Prep Station BY-10
  • Prep Station BY-10This paint preparation station is used to collect dust and iron splash during grinding and make working environment clean and tidy. This China prep station spray booth can centralize treat the dust, splash iron and other debris and make production safely...
  • Prep Station BY-20
  • Prep Station BY-20The car painting prep station draws fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop through a pressurization fan. This air is forced down into the prep station through a filter bank located in the ceiling near the entry...
  • Duplex Station Prep Station
  • Duplex Station Prep StationThis double spray booth preparation station focus on dealing with sanding dust and other debris generated from production. It can also guarantee safe production. The China preparation station has recycle system with pulse filter, takes small location, has high recycle efficiency and easy to clean...
Company Introduction

Established in 2011, Guangzhou Baoyue Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is recognized as one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers who designs and produces all kinds of paint spray booths and other industry painting equipments in China. Our products with international design standard and advanced manufacture technology are widely used in the area of automobile production and automobile after-sales service, mechanical and furniture manufacture, food industry etc. In addition, our products gained CE, SGS and CCS certification with high quality. Located in Huadu district of Guangdong our company shares a favorable geographic position to sale our paint spray booths and industry painting equipment to Germany, Australian, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, Singapore, Rumania, Mauritius, Brunei, Thailand, Nigeria, etc ...

We provide best service for our customers and have been researching and manufacturing qualified paint spray booths all the time to satisfied different customers’ requirements. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information. We sincerely welcome any inquiries. We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future


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